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Punjab National Bank Information Systems Essays

Punjab National Bank Information Systems Essays Punjab National Bank Information Systems Essay Punjab National Bank Information Systems Essay INDEXPAGE INTODUCTION OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY3 DEFINITION OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY3 COMPANY PROFILE Profile 4 Vision and Mission 4 INFORMATION SYSTEM IN PNB PNB IT Setup * IT Setup4 * Network Design4 * Storage5 * WAN amp; Connectivity5 * Security Systems5 * Hardware amp; Software Resources6 Organizations Other Computing Resource * Payroll TPS6 * Online Assistance7 * Account Opening – MIS7 * SPNS, RTGS 7 * Mobile Alert Service7 Cloud Computing8 Recommendations9 References10 Introduction Development of Information technology is showing its importance for development in all the sectors across. Information technology in recent years showed a complete revolution in how information is collected, stored/managed and used in both business and government around the world. The world and the workplace has been changed from working on paper documents which always face the problem of errors and delays, to the world of computers and information technology where work is carried out in its own way with accuracy and on time. Information technology can be even used to interconnect different systems for the purpose to share and exchange information in the organisation for everyone’s use. mcst. gov. mv/Downloads/Documents/Samp;T/Part2-03Information_Technology. pdf ) Definition of Information Technology. Information technology system refers to all the hardware and software that are used in the organisation may be any industry to operate different functions such as store-manage the information, retrieve and control the stored information. At the lowest level organisations have the net working tools and servers with an operating system. Database and web serving software are installed on these servers. These networking tools help to connect all the database to each other and also to all the users in need who have their personal hardware, operating system, and software tools. ( mariosalexandrou. com/definition/information-technology. asp ) PUNJAB NATIONAL BANK (PNB) 1. A professionally established and managed bank with a successful track record of over 110 years. 2. It is the Largest branch network in India of 4668 Offices including 432 Extension Counters all across the country 3. Business covers all the main cities including the metro-politant one’s. 4. Strong hold in the banking relationships with over 217 international banks of the globe. 5. Many well-known international banks maintain their Rupee Accounts with PNB. Vision To be a Leading Global Bank with Pan India footprints and become a household brand in the Indo-Gangetic Plains providing entire range of financial products and services under one roof Mission Banking for the unbanked IT SETUP in PNB. PNB has a huge number of applications running on its network like any other Banking/Financial Institution. All the platforms of the bank has standardized on UNIX operating system and RDBMS on Oracle. Bank also uses other OS like Microsoft’s windows 2000/ XP which are enabled in the centres. The hardware PNB uses are provided by the ‘Sun Microsystems’ for Web servers at the data centre. PNB branches are also using Compaq, IBM and Xeon servers. DOS machines are also used for the running of some ATM machines. Network design Cisco has linked with PNB to frame the network design and execute a nationwide network strength to connect all its offices across. PNB will adapt an understanding from CISCO to better impelemnt many technologies related with the project. This established network infrastructure gave a way for PNB to normalize the applications and software needed to carry out the banking services and other functions. Implementations of new-world routing and switching technologies connects many branches of PNB to the data centre. ( networkmagazineindia. com/200305/tech4. shtml ) Storage systems Keeping into the mind the RBIs storage requirement guidelines bank has met the Policies and have been made to store transaction data for around 10 years. In certain cases, data is stored permanently. Nearly 164 Sun enterprise class servers are used in DAS architecture. The total capacity is of several TB’s. The Sun hardware uses an in-built storage management tool. Later look over a storage management application from VERITAS. ( networkmagazineindia. com/200305/tech4. shtml ) WAN and connectivity 101 branches of the PNB were on a WAN in the year 2000. The bank then expanded the number to 500-odd branches on the WAN in the year 2002, and in coming next 3 years the WAN had around two thousand branches. The bank worked on many connectivity methods. 02. 11b Wireless connectivity was installed in 5 branches to begin with. PNB then started using the leased lines and used its network/internet connectivity from Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited and Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited. It also used used leased lines form other companies between Mumbai and Delhi. Reliance Infocomms fiber optic became the in locations where the optic fiber was unable to reach. with HCL Com-net carried out all the monitoring operations of the country wide network twenty four hours all seven days. There is a direct live connectivity between HCL and PNBs IT head office. a separate monitoring system is used to remotely monitor banks IT facility. Security Systems PNB could afford no compromise and hence security became very important. The security architecture had to be strong, efficient, properly managed, trustworthy, and scalable to meet up present needs as well as in the future. Cisco was the company which was appointed as the service provider and it succeeded in meeting these strict requirements. The bank uses loads of security softwares and products like IDSs ,Anti-virus programmes/software’s and Firewalls and from Cisco to enable protection and avoid threats from its LANs and WAN. Ramco Systems are the security integrator for PNB. The security integrator is accountable for the complete security infrastructure and is reponsible for any kind of security break-down. ( networkmagazineindia. com/200305/tech4. shtml ) Software Resources PNB is using many software’s for its operational activities for its smooth and efficient running, the Softwares which PNB implements are as follows:- . Microsoft office 2003 2. Operating System’s:- UNIX, Solaris, Windows NT, 2000 Server, XP etc.. 3. Attack Filters: Spyware, Trojan, VoIP etc. 4. Protocols: IP, VLAN, DNS, HTTP, FTP, TCP, TELNET, UTP etc. 5. Databases: MS Access, MS SQL, Oracle, FoxPro. 6. Bank-mate 7. Acrobat Reader Hardware Resources To fulfill the requirement and as per compatibility with the software PNB uses these hardware are used as a support to the software above. They are as follows:- 1. Network Cards. 2. Printer 3. Sun’s hardware for Solaris, 4. Routers, Scanners 5. NT Based servers from IBM, 6. HCL, IBM etc Desktops, etc. Organizations Other Computing Resources Payroll Transaction Processing System Payroll TPS is a distinctive accounting transaction processing system used by PNB. Payroll TPS keeps track of the money paid to employees. Master file cosists of separate pieces of information (such as a name, address, or employee number) called as data elements. Data are keyed into the system, updating the data elements. The elements on the master file are shared in different ways to make reports of interest to management and government agencies and to send pay checks to employees. This helps the Management view employee’s efficiency to work and may declare additional bonus or any other incentive payable. This report is checked, revised and approved by the branch manager, only after which the pay cheque is issued to the employee. Online Assistance PNB provides its customers online assistance by providing i-banking, online complaints, providing them information about various products and services. These complaints and supports are processed by customer care services Executive. Hence there is a need for a proper data base for controlling all the information on the website. Account Opening – MIS is used. In account opening the Management Information System (MIS) is used, every information about the customer is recorded/feeded like their name, address, account, type of account, account information, their sample signature, these helps in Identification of customer instantly and creating a database at faster rate. This includes the filling of KYC and AC forms. SPNS (Shared Payment Network System) Swadhan, the first SPNS launched in Mumbai by IBA. The banks that join on this network could issue the cards to consumers to transact on the networks. RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement) RTGS System is a payment settlement system that minimizes the credit risk in the established cheque clearing system. RTGS settles the funds on a near real time basis across Banks in various locations. Bank offers this quick electronic fund transfer facility to RTGS enabled bank branches across everywhere throughout the country. Mobile Alert Service The customers now have the facility to enrol for the Mobile Alert Service for receiving alerts on registered mobile phone numbers instantly after there is any transaction of the fundsin the account. CLOUD COMPUTING Cloud computing is a model for enabling convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources (e. g. , networks, servers, storage, applications, and services) that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction. This cloud model promotes availability and is composed of five essential characteristics, three service models, and four deployment models. ( http://servicesoftware. blogspot. com/2009/12/cloud-computing-nist-definition. html ) Advantages ( Cloud Computing )Disadvantages Reduced CostRequires a constant Internet connection. Increased StorageDoesnt work well with low-speed connections. Highly Automated Features might be limited FlexibilityStored data can be lost More Mobility Stored data might not be secure. Allows IT to Shift Focus Recommendations There are various available alternatives for which the banking industry can opt. These are:- Office Accounting Professional 2009 SAP ERP Financials Tally 9: Financial Accounting and Inventory Management Software Flexcube – ‘i-flex solutions’ Hyperion Financial Management System 9 The bank is using information system efficiently and it has increased the customer satisfaction, efficiency, data storage, fast data retrieval. But to improve more and regarding future success of PNB here are the some suggestions. 1. The bank must update Hardware to get maximum performance from Information Systems in order to allow the IS to procure the least amount of system resources it requires for functioning. 2. The bank should update all their software, networks etc to keep information system up to date for competitive edge, customer satisfaction. 3. Steps should be taken to increase the safety amp; to avoid the unethical practices like phishing. 4. Need for improved training for using Information Technology and tools to employees. 5. Intra firm communication should be improved. In context of cloud computing suitability with the working of the bank and its information system, Cloud Computing is highly recommended as business can be connected all over the country investing less in hardware’s and software’s. This can be benefial to control overall banking from a particular place including the routine business transactions and e-banking. It may fasten the working and attract more customers by its services which are quicker than the competitors not using this modern technology. References ( mcst. gov. mv/Downloads/Documents/Samp;T/Part2-03Information_Technology. pdf ) ( mariosalexandrou. com/definition/information-technology. asp) ( networkmagazineindia. com/200305/tech4. shtml) (http://servicesoftware. blogspot. com/2009/12/cloud-computing-nist-definition. html) ( macs. hw. ac. uk/modules/F24SR1/linksis/lec5. htm)

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