Sunday, November 24, 2019

No Nukes Just Freedom essays

No Nukes Just Freedom essays The United States Government should not be allowed to dump or store nuclear waste on Native American Reservations. In the quest to get rid of nuclear waste the Native Americans have been greatly affected. The government has ignored and broken past treaties with the Native Americans, and blurred the definition of sovereignty between nations. Also our government has and still attempts to bribe the tribes to obtain dumping, and storing privileges on reservation lands. Many view the injustices done to the Native Americans regarding treaties to be something strait out of a history book, however many people from many tribes of Native Americans are still battling today for rights granted to them by past treaties. These rights are still being denied to them today. Nuclear waste storage is one of the major issues under discussion. This is the government's latest way to break treaties with the Native Americans, for example the proposed storage site for nuclear waste, Yucca Mountain. The US Government has tried numerous times to bribe the Shoshone people into permitting them to turn Yucca Mountain into a radioactive dump site. The Shoshone have been fighting the government with the argument that they would rather be poor and have clean land than have their pockets full but their land polluted beyond repair. The whole subject of dumping on reservation land has played a major role in the blurring of the Native American sovereignty. Although this independence is a simple concept, the government has twisted and corrupted all of its policies so bad that even the politically savvy cannot decrypt it. By ignoring treaties and treating reservation land as their own for nuclear dumping the government has ripped Native American independence to shreds. Which does not mean much since the US Governments view on this independence is that the only reason they have their independence is because we allow them to. No Nati ...

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